Keller Lending a Hand to a First Responder

Gainesville, FL

We'd like to call attention to our Gainesville office for their compassion and hard work. 

It was brought to their attention in early July (when they completed a detail for this customer) that the Brogan family needed help. Their home was heavily damaged (to the point that it was un-inhabitable) by hurricane Erma. They did not have flood insurance & FEMA declined their claim because the deed was in her mother’s name and she did not live there.

Amber is a stay at home mom with 5 kids and her husband is a first responder (Fire Fighter). Keller (Gainesville) thought it would be a great opportunity to express their appreciation to a customer and to give back to the community and a first Responder. So, they provided their carpet padding for free saving them hundreds of dollars in putting their home back together.